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Time to part ways with your old car in San Bernardino? We specialize in buying junk cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans right here in San Bernardino. No matter the year, make, or condition, we’re ready to give you cash for your junk car on the spot.

Best of all, we provide free towing services whether you’re in Arrowhead Springs, Del Rosa, University District, or anywhere else in San Bernardino. Say goodbye to that clunker and get cash in hand fast!


Selling Your Junk Car in San Bernardino Might Be More Profitable than You Think!


Get ready to be pleasantly surprised by the value hidden within your clunker! Selling your old car with expensive repair needs can be a real headache when dealing with buyers who offer measly amounts. But fret not, we’re here to make your life easier in San Bernardino and give you cash for your junk car on the spot.

We pay cash for junk cars anywhere in California, providing a quick and lucrative solution that far surpasses the disappointing offers from random private buyers. We’re committed to providing a fair quote for your clunker, regardless of its age, make, or condition.

And here’s the best part: no paperwork headaches or towing expenses! We serve all areas of San Bernardino, including neighboring cities like Rialto and Fontana, ensuring a seamless and convenient experience.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to bid farewell to your junk car and get a substantial offer in cash for your junk car today!


We Pay Cash for Junk Cars Everywhere in San Bernardino  – See How It Works!


What Is Required to Junk a Car in San Bernardino?


In San Bernardino, navigating the process of junking a car can be quite intricate. When it comes to disposing of a vehicle in California, it’s crucial to possess the appropriate title, whether it’s a clean title, salvage title, or one with liens. To ensure a smooth transaction, you must first contact the DMV and follow the necessary steps to officially label your car as “Junk.” This important step helps avoid potential charges for investigation services should you dismantle the vehicle prematurely. To proceed with junking your car in San Bernardino, it’s essential to surrender the pink slip and license plates, obtaining a Junk Slip.

Junking your car on your own can be tricky, but finding a buyer who offers a fair price is the real challenge. The paperwork that comes with it and the long lines at the DMV add to the hassle. But there’s an easy way to sell your junk car for cash in San Bernardino!

We understand the challenges of selling a totaled car or one with title issues. Our goal is to provide San Bernardino residents with a hassle-free experience and an irresistible offer that can range anywhere between $500-$1500. Whether you own a high-end luxury vehicle with a reconstructed title or a well-loved older car with limited resale value, we’ll make you a fair offer in cash for your junk car.

Stop navigating through junkyards, scrapyards, or unreliable private buyers, and embrace a simple and seamless three-step procedure to receive instant cash for your junk car in San Bernardino!


Why Should You Consider Family Car Buyers when Junking Your Car in San Bernadino?


As fully certified and bonded experts in California, we bring our expertise to the heart of San Bernardino, ensuring a seamless process. Instead of pouring money into costly repairs for your deteriorated car, we’re here to help you escape the money pit and start fresh.

Title troubles? No problem! Salvage titles, liens, missing titles, high registration costs – we know how to handle them all. Sell your junk car to us and let us take care of the entire process with no extra effort on your part! That includes handling all the necessary paperwork for you, saving you valuable time you could be wasting in line at the DMV. 

We provide FREE TOWING anywhere you’re located in San Bernardino, or cities across the state, including Irvine, Riverside, Anaheim, or Los Angeles. All you have to do is provide us with the vehicle’s information and we’ll make you a fair offer in cash for your junk car!


Regardless of Condition, Make, or Model, You’re Sure to Get Cash for Your Cars Anywhere in San Bernardino


Holding on to Old Clunkers in San Bernardino Is Just Not Worth It!


Are you tired of your car feeling like it’s barely holding on? We understand it. It’s not uncommon to see cars in San Bernardino facing the wear and tear of daily life. Whether it’s the unforgiving traffic on the 215 freeway or the occasional run-in with an overly enthusiastic parallel parker, our cars can take quite a beating. From unfortunate accidents on busy highways like I-215 to the challenges of navigating pothole-ridden streets, it is not uncommon for cars in San Bernardino to depreciate in value rather quickly. Even natural disasters like flash floods near Warm Creek can wreak havoc on vehicles. Over time, these experiences can make it more and more difficult to find a buyer who will support the damage.

So, if your car has seen better days battling San Bernardino’s unique challenges, don’t wait any longer. It’s time to part ways with your junk car and embrace a fresh start on the road. We’ll give you top dollar for your worn-out ride, no matter its condition. That’s right, whether it’s running, inoperable, old, water-damaged, totaled, or even crashed, we’ll take it off your hands and give you instant cash for your junk car.

Contact us today for a quote and schedule a free pick-up anywhere you are in San Bernardino!


Selling A Bad Car to Random Buyers Is Hard – We’re Here to Help You Skip the Hassle


A broken, unusable, flooded, crashed, or totaled car often requires extensive repairs. Finding a buyer in San Bernardino willing to take on a fixer-upper can be a bother, especially when dealing with strangers on the Internet. Rather than dealing with the stress of finding a customer and negotiating a fair price, we offer streamlined transactions and better money than what a random buyer would pay you.

We understand a run-down car’s true value and provide fair and competitive quotes. Don’t let the burden of a decrepit car weigh you down. We pay cash for your junk car in San Bernardino without the stress of trying to sell it yourself!


Junk Car Disposal Services in San Bernardino are Expensive, and When Relying on Them, You’re Only Losing Money


Disposing of an old, non-working car in California can get frustrating fast. Junk car removal services in the Golden State usually charge towing, storage, and dismantling fees, which can quickly leave you with a significant bill. Plus, if your wreck requires costly repairs before towing, you may be responsible for paying for those.

We offer a reliable way to get cashback and free disposal of your junk car without any of the fees associated with traditional junk car removal services. We buy your junk car for top dollar and get you rid of your junk car on the same day.

Don’t watch your car deteriote any longer. Sell your junk car to us and make cash on the spot!


What Is the Most You Can Get for A Junk Car in Bernardino?


Looking to turn your junk car into quick cash in San Bernardino? You’re in luck! We offer top dollar for qualifying junk cars right here in our city. The more boxes your deteriorated checks off from the list above, the better the offer you can expect from us.

Ready to make some easy money? Just provide us with the basic information about your vehicle, and we’ll swiftly send you a quote. No need to deal with the hassle of traditional junk car sales or removal – we handle everything and pay cash for junk cars on the spot!


Vehicle Title Transfer in San Bernardino – We Can Provide the Necessary Support


Looking to navigate the world of junking your car in the vibrant city of San Bernardino? Let’s delve into the essentials.

The city of San Bernardino lacks a formal definition of the term “junked vehicle,” whereas the county defines it as a vehicle that is irreparably damaged or destroyed. San Bernardino has rules for selling junk cars, including the requirement to record a vehicle as junk and report vehicle purchases to the California DMV. Plus, San Bernardino County can remove vehicles under the Vehicle Abatement and Removal Program, recycling them as required. If a vehicle is inoperable and valued under $200 as scrap, the 10-day removal notice is suspended according to San Bernardino County’s junk car laws.

To junk your car in San Bernardino, you must provide documentation that establishes your ownership of the vehicle. This could include the vehicle title, registration certificate, or any other valid proof that demonstrates you are the rightful owner. Although you may sell a junk car without a title if the appropriate paperwork is filled out, our recommendation is to obtain a replacement title anyway. This will simplify the entire process.

Be prepared to present your identification documents, such as a driver’s license or passport, to verify your identity during the process. Creating a clear and detailed bill of sale is recommended to outline the transaction details and protect both parties.

With full certification and licensing, Family Car Buyers ensure professional and ethical transactions, saving you time and money while offering cash for your junk car and free towing services!


We Come and Collect your Junk Car Anywhere in San Bernardino for Free – Check out our Cash for Cars Service


When selling a junk car on your own in San Bernardino, you may encounter the downside of having to deal with towing expenses. These costs can be significant and eat into the overall cash you receive for your vehicle. However, by choosing us, you can bypass this drawback entirely. We offer free towing services in San Bernardino, allowing you to save money and optimize your earnings when selling your old car, motorhome, or SUV.

Experience the convenience of free towing services available anywhere in California, including San Bernardino and its surrounding areas. Unlike dealing with private buyers, we offer cash for your junk car, saving you the time and effort of selling it on your own. With our widespread servicing and pick-up points across the state, including San Bernardino, or neighboring cities like Rialto, Fontana, or Highland, we ensure a seamless experience.

Say goodbye to that eyesore taking up space and polluting your property. Get a fair quote for your wrecked clunker today and schedule a pick-up at your convenience. Click on the locations below to get cash for your junk car in 3 easy steps!


Frequently Asked Questions about Getting Cash for Junk Cars in San Bernardino


Do I need to go to DMV to sell my car in San Bernardino?

When selling your car in San Bernardino, you are required to visit the local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office to complete the necessary paperwork and processes. The DMV will provide you with the appropriate forms, such as the Vehicle Transfer and Reassignment Form (REG 262) or the Notice of Transfer and Release of Liability (REG 138), which are essential for transferring the ownership of the vehicle to the buyer.

During your visit to the DMV, you will need to present certain documents, including the vehicle’s Certificate of Title, also known as the pink slip, which serves as proof of ownership. If there is an existing lien on the vehicle, you will also need to provide documentation to satisfy the lien.

Can I sell a car in San Bernardino without smog?

Selling or transferring a vehicle in San Bernardino requires the seller to provide a valid smog inspection certificate to the buyer. This certificate is valid for 90 days from the date of issuance. However, gasoline-powered vehicles that are four or fewer model years old are exempt from smog certifications, while diesel-powered vehicles are not. The new owner will need to pay a smog transfer fee.

Do you need a junk slip to junk a car in San Bernardino?

It’s true that the ability to buy a junk car without a title in San Bernardino, CA can vary and depends on several factors, including the age of the vehicle and the specific location. Ultimately, the decision is made by the local junk car buyers. If they agree to purchase a car without a title, you may be required to present a valid photo ID and registration as proof of ownership. However, it’s important to note that offers for cars without a title or pink slip may be lower compared to cars with proper documentation.

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