Cash for Junk Cars in Florida

Looking to sell your old clunker in sunny Florida? Well, you’re in luck! We’re your go-to folks when it comes to buying junk cars, whether they’re trucks, SUVs, vans, or any other kind, no matter the year, make, or condition. The icing on the cake? We’ve got Florida covered, from the bustling streets of Miami to the scenic beauty of the Keys!

Don’t waste your precious time waiting for the “perfect” buyer to stroll by – get cash for your junk car now! Our cash offers range from $500 to $15000 and beyond.

Stop waiting for the “right” buyer to come along – sell your clunker for the Right Price, Right Now!

We pay cash for junk cars on the spot. We also dispose of your wreck for FREE! Contact us today!

Selling Your Junk Car in Florida Might Be More Profitable than You Think!

You might be in for a pleasant surprise when you see just how much cash that old clunker of yours can fetch. If you’ve been struggling to find a buyer for a vehicle that’s seen better days and needs costly repairs, fret not! We’re your friendly Florida junk car buyers, and we offer a swift and profitable solution, miles better than selling to some random private buyer who’d probably lowball you.

With us, it’s all about making your life easier. We’ll provide a fair quote for your clunker, no matter its age, make, or condition. You can forget about drowning in paperwork and towing fees – we’ve got you covered, from the lively vibes of Miami Beach to the serene charm of Key West. So, kiss that junk car goodbye and watch the money roll in!

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We Pay Cash for Junk Cars Everywhere in Florida - See How It Works!

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What car would you like to sell? Do you have the paperwork? Where are you located?

If you know the answer to these questions, then we can help! Call us to get your offer today!

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Get paid on the spot & Enjoy your newly earned Cash

Wether it’s Check, Transfer, Wenmo, we’re quick to pay for any of your junk cars.

We get to help you dispose of the clunker while you enjoy the cash to the fullest.

What is Required to Junk a Car in Florida?

Titles Accepted for Purchase:

Blue image with Clean Titles text

Clean Title

Vehicle in any condition with a clean title

Red Image with Salvage as text

Salvage Title

Damaged vehicle or other incidents

Grey image with No Title as text

Without Title

Vehicle in any condition with a lost title (Pink Slip)

Green image with Loan as text

Title with Loan

Vehicle in any condition with a loan

Junking a car in Florida can seem like a maze, but we’re here to guide you through it. To junk any vehicle in the state, you’ll need its title, whether it’s a clean one, a salvage title, or one with liens. And before you start disassembling your vehicle, make sure to swing by the DMV to declare it as “Junk.” Skip this step, and you might find yourself facing investigation service charges. You’ll also need to hand over the pink slip and your vehicle’s license plates to junk your car and get a Junk Slip. With these documents in hand, you’re good to go, and you can sell your car to a licensed Florida auto dismantler.

Why go through the hassle of selling your junk sedan, van, truck, or SUV to Florida junkyards, scrapyards, or uncertain private buyers? We’re all about simplicity and offer a 3-step, no-fuss junk car buying process.

Whether you’ve got a luxury car on its last legs with a rebuilt title or just an old rust bucket with a less-than-stellar resale value, we’ll make you an offer you can’t resist!

So if you’re itching to sell your Florida junker and pocket some quick cash, reach out to us today. We’re right by your side, no matter where you are in the Sunshine State!

Why Should You Consider Family Car Buyers when Junking Your Car in California?

We Buy Junk Cars for Cash Anywhere in California

Based on 2,066 reviews

We’re the cash kings, and we don’t discriminate based on your car’s condition. Our service spans all 67 counties and countless cities in Florida. We even aim for same-day pick-up whenever possible.

Getting a good deal for your junk car is our top priority. We offer a price range of $500 to $15,000, based on your car’s condition and the current market value. And the cherry on top? We throw in FREE TOWING for every car we purchase.

Whether you’re in the heart of Miami or exploring the beauty of the Everglades, we’ve got the experience and resources to get to you in a flash. We navigate the major highways like I-95, I-75, and US-1, as well as the scenic routes like A1A along the coast and Alligator Alley. So, whether you’re in bustling Miami Beach or kicking back in Key Largo, count on us to buy your junk car and pay top dollar for it!

Family Car Buyers is fully certified and licensed to operate in Florida and most other states. We conduct transactions with the utmost professionalism and ethics, making the process smooth and worry-free. Selling your junk car to us means saving time and money while waving goodbye to your clunker for good.

Regardless of Condition, Make, or Model, You’re Sure to Get Cash for Your Cars Anywhere in Florida

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Mechanical Problem

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Without Engine

A blue icon with a blown engine car

Blown Engine

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Without Transmission

A Blue icon with a gearshift

Bad Transmission

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Biohazard / Chemical

A blue icon with a vintage car


A blue icon with a car being hit by hail


A blue icon with a car without tires


A Blue icon with a flooded car


A Blue icon with a damaged car


A blue icon with a salvaged car


A blue icon with a scrap car


A blue icon with a wrecked car


A Blue icon with a wrecked car


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Without Catalytic Converter

A Blue icon with a car on fire


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Frame Damaged

Holding on to Old Clunkers in Florida Is Just Not Worth It!

Examle of a car withiut a title

Repairing a totaled or worn-out old car can cost you an arm and a leg, way more than it’s worth. Instead of forking over anywhere from $400 to $5000 for a lost cause, give us a call. We’ll buy your junk car, no matter its condition – and you could even pocket up to $15,000 for it! And remember, by 2035, all new vehicles sold in Florida must be electric or plug-in hybrid, so make the switch while you can still cash in on that gasoline-fueled relic of yours!

Florida is no stranger to disasters, from massive pileups to mudslides and earthquakes. These events often leave cars in junk or totaled condition. Why wait for a private buyer or take your wreck to a salvage yard? We pay cash for junk cars and haul them away, quickly and FREE.

Selling A Bad Car to Random Buyers Is Hard – We're Here to Help You Skip the Hassle

Example of a Infiniti XQ80

A broken, unusable, waterlogged, wrecked, or totaled car usually demands extensive repairs. Finding a buyer willing to take on a fixer-upper can be a real headache, especially when dealing with strangers online. Why put yourself through the stress of hunting for a customer and haggling over a fair price? We offer a hassle-free transaction process and better cash offers than any random buyer out there.

We know the real worth of a worn-down car and provide honest and competitive quotes. Don’t let that old clunker drag you down. We’ll pay top dollar for your junk midsize sedan, minus the headache of trying to sell it yourself!

Junk Car Disposal Services in Florida are Expensive, and When Relying on Them, You're Only Losing Money

Crashed car loaded on a tow truck

Getting rid of an old, non-functional car in Florida can drain your wallet in no time. Junk car removal services in the Sunshine State often slap you with towing, storage, and dismantling fees that can add up to a hefty bill. And if your wreck needs costly repairs before it can be towed away, those expenses might fall on your shoulders.

We offer a reliable and cost-free solution to get cash for your junk car and dispose of it without the usual fees that come with traditional junk car removal services. We purchase your junk car for top dollar and take care of removing your deteriorated car on the same day!

What Is the Most You Can Get for A Junk Car in Florida?

If you’ve got a junk car in Florida that checks all the right boxes, you’re in for a sweet cash deal. The more of those boxes your clunker ticks, the higher the potential offer from us.

Are you ready to GET CASH FOR YOUR JUNK CAR ON THE SPOT? Provide basic vehicle information; we’ll send a quote fast. We pay cash for your junk car quickly and easily, without any headaches associated with traditional junk car sales or removal.

Vehicle Title Transfer in Florida - We Can Provide the Necessary Support

Looking to pass the title in sunny Florida? Buckle up because we’re about to take you on a joyride through the process! First things first, you’ll want to complete a Notice of Sale – it’s your golden ticket to remove your name from the vehicle and escape any liability.

Got a lien? No worries, but it’s gotta go before you can hand over the keys. And if your ride hasn’t been Florida-fied yet, make sure to verify that Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). For the ultimate smooth ride, we recommend doing the sale dance at a motor vehicle service center. Fill out that Transfer of Title by Seller section like a champ, and the buyer should get an Application for Certificate of Title in gear within 30 days.

Don’t forget to tally up the miles on that odometer while you’re at it. Oh, and one more thing – protect yourself by filing Form HSMV 82050, and keep those license plates, they’re yours! Now, while this ride can be a blast, selling it to us? Well, that’s like turbocharging your journey to an easier, faster, and stress-free sale. So, why wait? Let’s make this sale a breeze together!

Check out More Information Vehicle Title Transfer in Florida

We Come and Collect your Junk Car Anywhere in Florida for Free - Check out our Cash for Cars Service

We’ll pay cash for junk cars whether you’re in a bustling metropolis like Miami or a tucked-away spot like Key West. Then, we’ll swoop in and pick up your clunker for free, usually on the same day.

Our service network spans the entire state, with service points in major cities like Miami, Orlando, Tampa, and Jacksonville, as well as remote areas like the Everglades, Big Cypress National Preserve, and the Ocala National Forest. So whether you’re in a busy city or a more laid-back town, our team ensures a smooth experience when selling your old car.

No need to let that junk car hog your precious space or pollute your property any longer. Reach out to us today, and we’ll help you transform that heap of junk into a wad of cash!

Frequently Asked Questions about Getting Cash for Junk Cars in Florida

Yes, indeed! When you’re ready to part ways with your wheels in the Sunshine State, you’ll want to make a pit stop at the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DMV). Selling your car involves transferring the title, and the DMV is the go-to place for making sure that process goes as smooth as a Florida breeze. So, while the DMV might not be your usual hangout spot, it’s the place to be when you’re gearing up to sell your vehicle. But hey, if you’d rather skip the DMV detour, consider selling it to us for a hassle-free ride to a quick and easy sale!

In Florida, there’s no need to worry about smog inspections when selling a car. Unlike some other states, Florida doesn’t require smog or emissions testing as part of the vehicle sale process. So, you can sell your car without having to deal with smog-related hassles. Just make sure you follow the other necessary steps outlined by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles to ensure a smooth and legal sale. And if you’re looking for a convenient and straightforward way to sell your car without any emissions-related concerns, consider selling it to us – no smog required!

In Florida, you don’t need a special “junk slip” to dispose of a car. When selling a vehicle, ensure any existing liens are satisfied, complete a VIN inspection if necessary, and conduct the sale at a motor vehicle service center. Both the seller and buyer must fill out the required forms for title transfer, and the seller should file Form HSMV 82050, which removes their registration from the vehicle and helps avoid future liabilities. Don’t forget to remove the license plates from the sold vehicle, and you’re all set to sell your car without a specific junk slip.

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Rick Bagwell
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Family Car Buyers were great to work with in disposing of our car that had been damaged in an accident and written off by the insurance company. They were quick, efficient and very professional, I would recommend their services and deal with them again
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