People working together as portrayed with fitting together peices
Q: How does the process work?
A: We keep the process simple—call for quick quote, schedule a free pickup, and get paid on the spot.
Q: How do I fill-out a title as the seller?
A: We have step-by-step instructions for you, the seller, to fill-out a car title correctly. It’s very important to get it right because a car title is a legal document. For all titles, make sure that you don’t make any mistakes, don’t cross anything out and make sure you use black or blue ink only. Please write as neatly as you can!
Human arm extending and presenting a handful of cashQ: When and how do I get paid?
A: You always get paid on the spot.
Dollar sign in an egg shellQ: How soon can you pick up my car?
A: We can usually accommodate same day pickup, or within 24 hours.
Junk Car TowingQ: Are there any hidden costs or fees?
A: No, there are never any hidden fees. What we offer you is what you get.
Pink SlipQ: What if I don’t have or cant find my title (aka “pink slip”)?
A: We can usually accommodate sellers without pink slips. Different states have different requirements, so we can tell you on a case by case basis. Call us to find out.
Car KeysQ: What if I don’t have or cant find my keys?
A: If your car is a “junk” or “scrap” car, we generally do not need your keys.
price quote for car calculatorQ: How do you determine the price quote you give me?
A: We determine our quote based on several factors including year, make, model, condition, mileage (and for “junk” or “scrap” cars, also scrap metal prices).