Cash For Junk Cars in Illinois

Ever wondered who buys junk cars in Illinois? Well, look no further! We’re your go-to junk car buyers, ready to snatch up your old clunker, be it a car, truck, SUV, or van, regardless of its age, make, model, or condition.

And here’s the kicker – we’ve got Illinois covered from Chicago to Springfield and everywhere in between! We’re your ticket to quick cash for your junk car, so don’t waste another minute waiting around.

Stop waiting for the “right” buyer to come along – sell your clunker for the Right Price, Right Now!

We pay cash for junk cars on the spot. We also dispose of your wreck for FREE! Contact us today!

Selling Your Junk Car in Illinois Might Be More Profitable than You Think!

You might be pleasantly surprised by how much moolah you can pocket by trading in your clunker for cash. If you’re struggling to find a buyer for your old ride that’s demanding costly repairs, you’ve got a friend in the junk car business! As professional Illinois junk car buyers, we’ve got the solution you need, and it’s way better than selling to some random Joe who’ll lowball you.

Selling your junk car to us means bidding farewell to the hassle of finding your buyer. We’ll offer you a square deal for your clunker, no matter how worn-out it is. Don’t fret over paperwork or towing either – we’ve got all corners of Illinois covered, from the Windy City to the charming streets of Springfield. So let’s get rid of that junk car and fatten your wallet!

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What car would you like to sell? Do you have the paperwork? Where are you located?

If you know the answer to these questions, then we can help! Call us to get your offer today!

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Get paid on the spot & Enjoy your newly earned Cash

Wether it’s Check, Transfer, Wenmo, we’re quick to pay for any of your junk cars.

We get to help you dispose of the clunker while you enjoy the cash to the fullest.

What is Required to Junk a Car in Illinois?

Titles Accepted for Purchase:

Blue image with Clean Titles text

Clean Title

Vehicle in any condition with a clean title

Red Image with Salvage as text

Salvage Title

Damaged vehicle or other incidents

Grey image with No Title as text

Without Title

Vehicle in any condition with a lost title (Pink Slip)

Green image with Loan as text

Title with Loan

Vehicle in any condition with a loan

Wondering what it takes to junk your car in Illinois? It’s a bit of a maze, but we’ve got the map. To junk any vehicle in the Land of Lincoln, you’ve got to have its title – clean title, salvage title, or one with liens, it doesn’t matter. You’ve also got to give the DMV a heads-up before dismantling your ride, marking it as “Junk.” Skip this step, and you’ll be footing the bill for an investigation service. And don’t forget, you’ll need to part ways with that pink slip and those license plates to get your hands on a Junk Slip. Once you’ve got the paperwork sorted, you’re free to sell your car to a licensed Illinois auto dismantler. Don’t forget we cover up wide areas, if you wish to sell your car in Naperville for example, we got you covered!

Why bang your head against the wall trying to sell your junk sedan, van, truck, or SUV to Illinois junkyards, scrapyards, or wishy-washy private buyers? We’re the easy way out, offering a straightforward, three-step junk car buying process. So whether you’ve got a beat-up luxury ride with a reconstructed title or a rusty old workhorse with zero resale value, we’ve got an offer you can’t refuse!

Ready to unload that junk car and rake in some fast cash? Reach out to us today. We’re here for you, no matter where you’re parked in Illinois!

Why Should You Consider Family Car Buyers when Junking Your Car in Illinois?

We Buy Junk Cars for Cash Anywhere in Illinois

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We don’t waste time – we shell out cash for junk cars pronto, no matter their condition, all across the state. Our service area blankets 500 incorporated cities and 102 counties in Illinois, and most of the time, we’ll whisk your clunker away on the very day we make the deal.

Getting a decent buck for your junk car is crucial, so we’ve got a price range that swings from $500 to $15,000. We’ll size up your heap based on its condition and the current market vibe. Plus, we’ve got FREE TOWING in the mix for every car we buy.

Be it in the bustling streets of Chicago, the rural heart of Champaign, or the serene landscapes of Springfield, we’ve got the experience and logistics to zip over to you in a flash. So even if you’re out in the sticks like Litchfield or Arthur, you can bet your boots on us to buy your junk car and make it rain with top-dollar bills!

Family Car Buyers isn’t just a name – it’s a promise. We deal professionally and ethically, fully certified and licensed to work in Illinois and most other states. Selling your junk car to us is like a breeze that saves you time and money while kicking your clunker to the curb for good.

Regardless of Condition, Make, or Model, You’re Sure to Get Cash for Your Cars Anywhere in Illinois

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Mechanical Problem

A blue icon with an X on an engine

Without Engine

A blue icon with a blown engine car

Blown Engine

A Blue icon with a X on gearshift

Without Transmission

A Blue icon with a gearshift

Bad Transmission

A Blue icon with a car


A blue icon with a car and biohazard sign

Biohazard / Chemical

A blue icon with a vintage car


A blue icon with a car being hit by hail


A blue icon with a car without tires


A Blue icon with a flooded car


A Blue icon with a damaged car


A blue icon with a salvaged car


A blue icon with a scrap car


A blue icon with a wrecked car


A Blue icon with a wrecked car


A Blue icon with a gearshift

Without Catalytic Converter

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Frame Damaged

Holding on to Old Clunkers in Illinois Is Just Not Worth It!

Examle of a car withiut a title

Holding onto those old clunkers in Illinois? Trust us; it’s not worth the hassle! The price tag of fixing a totaled or decrepit old car usually soars higher than its actual worth. Instead of burning cash on repairs that range from $400 to $5,000 for your old beater, hit us up. We’re all about buying junk cars, no matter their condition – and we might just fork over $15,000 for yours! So why keep clinging to your gasoline-fueled relic? Get cash for your old car in while you still can!

Illinois has experienced various natural disasters, including floods and tornadoes, in its history. The state has faced challenges related to extreme weather events and has implemented measures to respond to and mitigate the impact of such disasters. These calamities leave cars in a junk or totaled state, and that’s where we step in. Don’t wait around for a private buyer or bother hauling your wreck to the scrapyard – we’re all about cash for junk cars, and we’ll swoop in to clear the wreckage, free of charge.

Selling A Bad Car to Random Buyers Is Hard – We're Here to Help You Skip the Hassle

Example of a Infiniti XQ80

Dealing with a clunker that’s battered, unusable, waterlogged, smashed, or totaled often means dealing with a mountain of repairs. Finding a buyer willing to take on a fixer-upper can be a headache, especially when you’re dealing with strangers on the internet. Instead of wrestling with the stress of finding a customer and haggling over a fair price, we offer an easy route and better cash than any random buyer would offer.

We’ve got a keen eye for your run-down car’s true value, and we serve up fair and competitive offers. Don’t let the burden of a beat-up car hold you down. We pay top dollar for your junk midsize sedan, and we take all the fuss out of selling it yourself!

Junk Car Disposal Services in Illinois are Expensive, and When Relying on Them, You're Only Losing Money

Crashed car loaded on a tow truck

Trying to rid yourself of an old, non-working car in Illinois can be an expensive ordeal. Traditional junk car removal services in the Prairie State often slap you with towing fees, storage charges, and dismantling costs. That’s a recipe for an empty wallet. And if your wreck needs costly repairs before towing, you’ll be picking up the tab for those too.

We’re your ticket to a hassle-free way to pocket cash and unload your junk car, without all the fees that usually come with traditional junk car removal services. We’re in the market for your junk car, ready to drop top dollar in your palm, and whisk your decrepit ride away, often on the same day!

What Is the Most You Can Get for A Junk Car in Illinois ?

Got a junk car in Illinois that fits certain criteria? You might just be in for a sweet payday. The more checkmarks your clunker hits on that list, the bigger the offer we’ll roll out.

Ready to swap your junk car for cold, hard cash on the spot? Just toss over some basic info about your vehicle, and we’ll fire back a quote in no time. We’re all about paying cash for your junk car fast and easy, with none of the headaches that usually come with traditional junk car sales or removal.

Vehicle Title Transfer in Illinois - We Can Provide the Necessary Support

To transfer your vehicle title in Illinois, gather essential documents including the signed original title, a bill of sale, and an Odometer Disclosure Statement. If selling, complete the Application for Vehicle Transaction(s) (VSD 190) and Tax Form RUT-50. For sales, provide the buyer with the signed title, bill of sale, and odometer disclosure, and submit a Seller’s Report of Sale to the Secretary of State.

If your title is missing, apply for a duplicate by submitting VSD 190 and a $50 fee. Dealerships typically handle paperwork, but for private sales, sign the title, ensure VIN and mileage details, use the ERT System for VSD 190, pay taxes, and mail materials to the Secretary of State.

For out-of-state titles, transfer to an Illinois title within 30 days of residency establishment. Gifting a car requires signing the title, and then the recipient submits VSD 190 within 20 days, along with Tax Form RUT-50 and taxes. Follow these steps carefully to complete the title transfer in Illinois.

We focus on buying and removing junk cars, but we know that handling the vehicle title transfer process is a crucial part of the deal. We’re here to make it a breeze and stress-free for all our customers!

Check out More Information Vehicle Title Transfer in Florida

We Come and Collect your Junk Car Anywhere in Illinois for Free - Check out our Cash for Cars Service

We’re all about paying cash for junk cars, whether you’re kicking it in a bustling hub like Chicago or hiding away in a remote corner like Carbondale, Rockford, or Peoria. And guess what? We’ll haul your wrecked ride away for free, often on the very day we make the deal.

Our pick-up points stretch out across the state, including spots like Alton, Bloomington, Decatur, and Joliet, to name a few. So whether you’re in a metropolis or out in the sticks, we’re here to give you a smooth ride when it comes to selling your old car.

If you’re tired of flying solo with your junk car, check out our cash-for-cars service today. Click on the locations below to get the ball rolling. We’ll serve up a square deal for your banged-up clunker and line up a convenient time for pick-up.

Don’t let a junk car hog space or pollute your property any longer. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll turn that heap of scrap into a stack of cash!

Frequently Asked Questions about Getting Cash for Junk Cars in Illinois

Yes, you need to interact with the Illinois Secretary of State’s office, which is equivalent to the DMV in many other states, when selling your car in Illinois. You’ll need to complete certain paperwork, such as the Application for Vehicle Transaction(s) (VSD 190), Tax Form RUT-50, and a Seller’s Report of Sale, and submit these documents to the Secretary of State’s Vehicle Services Department. This process is essential to transfer the vehicle title to the new owner and ensure the sale is properly documented and legal.

In Illinois, vehicles that run on gasoline and were manufactured in 1996 or later may require an emissions test once they are four years old or older. Therefore, if you are selling a gasoline-powered vehicle that falls within this category, it may require an emissions test before you can complete the sale and transfer the title. It’s essential to ensure that your vehicle complies with the state’s emissions requirements to avoid any issues during the selling process. However, electric or hybrid vehicles typically do not require emissions testing in Illinois.

In Illinois, you don’t need a specific “junk slip” to dispose of a car, but you should follow certain steps. Ensure you have the vehicle’s title, remove license plates, and choose a licensed junkyard or scrapyard. When selling the vehicle to the junkyard, complete any required paperwork, such as a Notice of Sale or Transfer of a Vehicle (Form VSD 703). Properly notifying the Secretary of State’s office and adhering to these steps ensures the lawful disposal of your junk car in Illinois.

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