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We provide on location cash for cars services in Lafayette, Louisiana. If you have a junk car that needs be removed, then we can help you take care of that quick and easy.

You’ll need to be the registered owner in order to sell your car, but other than that, we can take care of the paperwork and even come get clunkers with a tow truck.
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Wrecked And Damaged Car Buyers

We understand that damaged cars are hard to sell, and a lot of times they might not be in regular selling condition. These types of cars are ok with us. Request a quote today; we include free towing with every car that we buy and we pay you cash right then and there when we come pick up the car.

There are a lot of reasons to put off selling an old car. It can be a daunting experience and really take a lot of energy to sell a car, often more than one would expect. It is really worth spending hours and even days trying to get rid of a car that is beyond repair and might only be worth a couple hundred dollars? Most the time it isn’t, not to mention having to deal with no-show appointments, lots of different phone calls and strangers who now know where you live. Family Car Buyers offers a safe and professional solution for those that don’t want to worry about all the stressful things normally associated with selling an old car.

What You Need For A Quick Offer

We will want to know what the vehicle identification number is for your car, so we can verify that you are the owner and to check the year, make, and model of the car. Please also have the mileage on the odometer ready and let us know if that’s the actual mileage on the car. It’s okay for cars to have persistent mechanical issues, we just want to have a pretty good idea of what car we’re buying before we come to pick up with a tow truck. For example,  we will need to know that has all its wheels or not because it can affect the type of truck that we pick it up with.

Getting started is really easy we can give you a low-pressure offer, and if you accept, we schedule a pick up time.

Sell Your Car To Family Car Buyers

In Lousiana, Family Car Buyers is currently purchasing cars and providing on-site pick up on cash for cars in New Orleans.

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People Trust
Jacob Powers
Jacob Powers
Fairly quick and easy. Offered me more than i thought I'd get for a dead car taking up driveway space.
Kimberly Pedersen
Kimberly Pedersen
Easy and fast, offer for my car was mote than any others. Highly recommend
Mario Aviles
Mario Aviles
Process was super easy, Family Car Buyers was available at every part of the process to make sure that everything went smooth. They gave me a more than fair price for my car that had a blown transmission and a flat tire. Glad to have found them and been able to get a great deal! Thank you for your service!
Rick Bagwell
Rick Bagwell
This was our first time selling a used car on any platform. Using Family Car Buyers was a fantastic experience. Professional and efficient from the beginning to the end of the process. They paid top dollar, they organized towing, and I got paid in full immediately. I will definitely sell any other used/junk car to Family Car Buyers in the future.
Tom Hickey
Tom Hickey
Family Car Buyers were great to work with in disposing of our car that had been damaged in an accident and written off by the insurance company. They were quick, efficient and very professional, I would recommend their services and deal with them again
James Yost
James Yost
Easy to work with, fair price, quick pick up
Andi Chandler
Andi Chandler
Our old car had a couple of problems we didn’t want to bother with fixing, but it was challenging to find the right buyer for a fixer upper. Family Car Buyers was great! Super easy to work with and they were quick to respond. I would definitely work with them again.