Tennessee Car Title Transfer Information

In order to properly complete a Tennessee title upon sale, follow these instructions:

Seller / Registered Owner Steps

  • If there are any liens shown on the front of the title that are not released, you will need to have it signed off by the lienholder, or obtain an original release document from the lienholder.
  • On the back of the title you will fill out completely the upper block of information that says ASSIGNMENT OF TITLE BY REGISTERED OWNER.
  • Print the buyer(s) name and complete address on the first line.
  • Fill in the odometer reading in the space provided. Enter your mileage EXACTLY AS IT APPEARS ON YOUR ODOMETER. DO NOT INCLUDE “TENTHS”. If the odometer does not reflect the actual miles on the car, check the box that says “ The odometer reading is not the actual mileage WARNING – ODOMETER DISCREPANCY”.
  • The seller(s) signs and then prints address on the line provided. Seller prints name on the indicated line. MAKE SURE TO PRINT YOUR NAME (OR NAMES) EXACTLY as appears on the front of the title below “NAME(S) AND ADDRESS OF REGISTERED OWNER(S)”. (DON’T USE SHORT NAMES OR NICKNAMES!). Where there are TWO registered owners listed on the title, you must check to see if there is an“OR” or nothing listed between the registered owners’ names. If there is an “OR”, EITHER registered owner can sign and print their name using the instructions above. Otherwise, the signatures and printed names of BOTH registered owners are required.
  • Enter DATE OF SALE and SALES PRICE on the lines provided.
  • The buyer signs and prints on the lines provided.
  • If the sales price is 75% or less of the fair market value, fill out the affidavit form available (we used to have a link to this, but Tennessee doesn’t maintain their website properly…they changed the link like a novice webmaster…keep this in mind next time you contact your local office)
  • Give the title and affidavit (if applicable) to the buyer. Make copy of the surrendered title for your records.
  • Keep your license plates. You can transfer to another vehicle.
  • For further assistance, see Tennessee Department of Revenue County Clerks Locations

Also Keep in Mind…

  • Do not erase anything or use “white-out”
  • Do not cross out or scratch anything out
  • Write neatly with good handwriting
  • Only use BLACK or BLUE ink
  • Use actual names…no nicknames!
  • Don’t Make Mistakes!
  • Any errors can void the document!

If you need a duplicate title for a situation where your paperwork has been lost or damaged, please check out our replacement title instructions.

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