California Vehicle Title Transfer Instructions

In order to properly complete a CA title upon sale, follow these instructions:

SELLER/Registered Owner
  1.  On the front of the title near the middle of the page, sign and date Line 1a (where the title reads Signature of Registered Owner)
  2.  On the front of the title near the bottom of the page on the left side, complete the odometer disclosure section for the seller:
  • Include your mileage EXACTLY AS IT APPEARS ON YOUR ODOMETER after the words “the odometer now reads”. IF the odometer does not reflect the actual miles on the car, check the box that says “Odometer is not the actual miles”. If the odometer reflects the actual miles, dont check off any box.
  • Put the date of sale in the box that reads “Date”.
  • Sign the box that reads “Transferor/Seller Signature(s)”

***NOTE: Where there are TWO registered owners listed on the title,  you must check to see if there is an “AND”, an “OR”, a “/” or nothing listed between the registered owners’ names. If there is an “OR”, EITHER registered owner can sign using the instructions above. IF there is an “AND”, a “/” or nothing listed, the signatures of BOTH registered owners are required. One registered owner must sign line 1A, the other registered owner must sign line 1B (located directly underneath line 1A), and one or both registered owner(s) must sign the odometer section of the title where it reads transfer/seller signature.


What if your title was lost or destroyed?

You can sell a car without a title in California by obtaining the correct forms if you don’t have the title.

If you are the registered owner of the vehicle, you may use CA DMV forms Reg227 “Application for Duplicate or Paperless Title” and Reg 262 “Vehicle/Vessel Transfer and Reassignment Form”.  The Reg 227 can be printed online. The Reg 262 must be obtained directly from one of the California DMV offices for security purposes.