Time for a New Car? We’ll Help You Ditch the Old One

Automakers are selling new cars at levels not seen since pre-recession times, and there’s a reason for that. Between the revival of Detroit automakers and improvements among foreign car companies, there’s a lot you can get for your money these days. However, many car buyers might need junk car removal to make room for – and help finance – that new automobile. If so, Family Car Buyers can help.

The success of today’s auto industry is not about flash. New cars and trucks are so efficient they often double the mpg ratings of cars from previous decades. With gas prices in California among the nation’s highest, there are fuel savings available to offset the upfront cost of a new car. If you’re driving around an old clunker and have been considering selling your used car, remember there is cash to be had for your vehicle, no matter the condition.

We specialize in buying used and junk cars with no questions asked and will handle the paperwork for a hassle free transaction. There is no easier or more of a convenient process to get rid of or sell a used car than what we have at Family Car Buyers. Not only do you get to take an old useless junk car off your hands but you will also be rewarded for it! Doesn’t get better then that with a quick turnaround time of 24-48 hours.

For more information or to get a quote please visit or contact us at 310.943.0004 with any questions.

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